Employment Type: 1 – 3 years fixed term contract (renewable)
Hours: 35 hours per week
Remuneration: Subject to experience
Location: London
Responsible to: Chief Executive
Responsible for: N/A

Purpose of the Post:

The post holder will be responsible for updating and creating content on the charity’s  website  under  the  direction  of  the  Chief  Executive.  They  will  also manage day­ to ­day interactions with supporters and contacts via social media channels  including Facebook  and  Twitter,  and  for  producing  and  uploading video  for  YouTube.  They  will  also  promote  the  activities  of  the  charity  and focus on fundraising through select activities.

Creation of digital content

1. Editing  and  publication  of  content  on  the  website  as  directed  by  the  Chief
2. To liaise with partner organisations, internal and external contacts to gather relevant information and data and generate content.
3. Writing and editing copy for all departments as required.
4. Writing up all project updates and promotion.
5. Obtaining  and  creating  content  from  testimonials  in  writing,  video  and
6. To  write  website/blog  content  and  assist  with  the  production  of  the  Islamic
7. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of content.
8. Contributing to the development of new online resources and projects.
9. Send out emails on mailing list.
10. Research and provide options to Chief Executive on using google advertising to advance the goals of the charity.
11. Regularly update Islamic Network website with new campaigns, including homepage positioning and main fundraising section.
12. Identify 20 external mailing lists and tie up deal for Islamic Network to send monthly emails (or as regular as possible).

Social Media

13. Contribute to the development and delivery of social media strategies under guidance of Chief Executive.
14. Managing  Islamic  Network’s  social  media  channels,  primarily  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+.
15. Manage  the  social  media  content  calendar  under  guidance  of  Chief Executive,  scheduling  content  in  advance  and  sharing  this  with  relevant
16. Daily  management  of  social  media  communications  with  supporters  and interested parties, building relationships with existing supporters and donors online.
17. Actively engage followers in dialogue to transform visitors into advocates for
18. Development of relationships with social media “influencers.”
19. Photo editing of images from our projects using specialist software.
20. Management of audio and video uploads and channels.
21. Responsible for growing Islamic Network’s online presence to agreed targets.
22. Develop  and  deliver  social  media  campaigns  to  increase  awareness  of Islamic Network’s work to enrol further support, especially to generate funds.
23. Manage  social  media  campaigns  alongside  day ­to ­day  activities  including online advocacy, promotion of projects & campaigns, news, and fundraising.
24. Creative – to  provide  steers  on  design/video  work  tailored  for  our  online
25. Digital – to  ensure  day ­to ­day  and  campaigns ­based  activity  is  integrated across all channels and to create new social functionality on other channels.
26. Marketing – to  research,  recommend  and  implement  organic  and  paid initiatives to drive social media engagement, and support our campaigns.
27. Daily monitoring and reporting of social media activity.
28. Identify 25 external social media outlets where Islamic Network can make regular fundraising posts.
29. Place targeted facebook advertising to drive fundraising.
30. Annotate all Islamic Network videos to links for live fundraising pages.
31. Update annotations on Islamic Network videos to links for live fundraising pages.
32. Provide daily, weekly and monthly updates on all campaigns by filling in progress reports and providing feedback as and when required.
33. Provide insight and analysis of any emerging trends in online fundraising so that Chief Executive can make informed decisions.


34. To be responsible for the designing and distribution of campaign leaflets and
35. To digitise all designs of activities to promote on WhatsApp and Telegram.
36. Promote all activities through SMS by writing and sending appropriate messages to IN teams to push out.
37. On approval of the Chief Executive use MessageBird to send out messages
38. Develop and maintain a calendar of annual events with 10 key organisations where IN can promote its activities and campaigns.
39. Promote the work of IN on Islamic and ethnic media and generate positive
40. Maintain relationship with 10 Islamic and ethnic media outlets; both broadcast
41. To manage and update IN mailings lists for SMS, Email and Direct mail


42. Maintain database of mosques with whom IN has a relationship with.
43. Send the mosques a letter requesting for a collection date.
44. Follow up mosque with a phone call to confirm date.
45. To lead on collection by making the announcement, and arranging volunteers, leaflets, buckets, receipt books, and moneybags.
46. Count collected monies in presence of mosque representatives and 1 other IN volunteer. Issue mosque with a valid receipt.


47. Fill in public collection record.
48. Liaise with the different event project leads to ensure the programme accommodates an effective fundraising opportunity.
49. Design and maintain donation forms.
50. Be responsible for the creation of videos and presentations to push the



E = Essential D= Desirable



a) Qualified to Degree standard or equivalent (D)


b) Experience of working or volunteering within charity sector for 1 year (E)
c) Working in a digital marketing or social media role (E)
d) An interest in charity campaigns and fundraising (E)


e) Strong written and spoken English including high level interpersonal skills (E)
f) To be able to design using software (D)
g) To be able to video edit using software (D)


h) Able to formulate new ideas and concepts and execute to a high standard (E)
i) Understand and manage risks (E)
j) Highly organised with  strong time management  skills and ability to prioritise workload and work to deadlines under pressure (E)
k) Willingness to work outside normal work hours (E)


l) A firm grasp of orthodox Islamic knowledge with core beliefs and practices in line with orthodox Islam (E)
m) Working knowledge of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Websites and Engine Search. (E)

Main Interfaces

n) Chief Executive
o) Board of Trustees
p) Staff and volunteers
q) Donors
r) Suppliers


s) Commitment to Islamic Network’s mission, vision and values (E)
t) Commitment to Islamic Network’s ethos (E)
u) Commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity (E)

The role is formally defined by the Trustees of the Islamic Network and is not necessarily restricted by the above description.

This job description is designed to give an over­view of the job. It is envisaged that the post-­holder will use their own initiative and develop the job so the Charity aims are achieved. It should be noted that the Charity is a small organisation and it may be necessary to step beyond the areas outlined above to support others.

Islamic Network is an Equal Opportunities Employer and reasonable adjustments will be made to accommodate people with disabilities.