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We Taught 67 Young Muslims How To Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants!

On whose shoulders do we stand?
That was the question posed at our ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants’ event that took place on Thursday 29th October, during the half-term holiday. This event forms part of our ‘Born Leaders Award’ that takes those under 25 on a journey of thought and discovery to help them emerge as the leaders of tomorrow. 
67 young Muslims participated online in this interactive one-day event. The morning session was delivered by Hamza Andras Tzortzis and helped shape how we critically think, and discuss issues. In light of recent events, the participants split into groups to challenge the following assertion: 
“We must allow freedom to insult and degrade the Prophet ﷺ because it is about preserving freedom of speech. Without the freedom to insult and degrade we will not be able to acquire truth, take power to account and have progress.”
Each group rose to the challenge giving well …