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Imams Come Together To Be More Effective When Working With Young People

On a sunny but slightly chilly afternoon, Islamic Network held its inaugural ‘Leaders Forum’ which was attended by Imams and Mosque leaders from every corner of London.
The aim of the forum was to recognise Imams and Mosque Leaders as the front line providers of services for Muslim Youth and empower them through training and consultation to be more effective in dealing with the growing needs of young people.
The Imams and Mosque leaders spent the day discussing a range of topics led by Islamic Network’s Head of Community Development, Hamza Ahmed who said: “seeing the Imams so motivated to make a change, it truly felt like a turning point in how our Mosques deal with young people in their local area.”
The forum kicked off with Hamza Ahmed delivering a powerful and engaging wakeup call on what the reality is like on the ground for young Muslims based on first-hand experiences …