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November started well tempered, but the cold then kicked in, and our partner Youth Hubbs had to embrace their attendees with a warm welcome.

This month, our partner Hubbs engaged with 110 young women and men through 16 sessions across the UK, resulting in 280 unique youth engagements this month! 

This wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic work done by volunteer hosts at each of the hubs, as well as your continued thoughts, prayers and donations to keep Islamic Network running! 

Youth Hubb Spotlight

In Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, our partners Young MK hosted a super fun youth night event, starting it off with Ustadh Mohammed Minani reciting Qur’an and then a workshop where he handed them a question to think about: Do you really deserve Paradise?

It was an interactive session getting the young minds thinking and giving them a perspective of how we should be living our lives as Muslims. They were discussing a Beautiful Hadith of our Prophet (Peace be upon him): “You will not enter Jannah through your Good Deeds” – [Bukhari]

They also had a competitive dodgeball session, with a delicious takeaway to top it off.

The Girls also had their night, filled with playing dodgeball, bench ball, and a thought-provoking reminder about repentance.

On the weekends, the youth of Young MK worked together with the Al-Fikr team, where they packed food to distribute packages for refugees living in Milton Keynes. They are also currently looking for delivery drivers to help if anyone is local.

In London Borough of Waltham Forest, our youth hub partner in Lea Bridge, LBECA were busy as usual and even had a thought-provoking discussion led by Shaykh Shams Ad Duha. Saffron Kitchen was kind as always to share a massive platter set with delicious food. May Allah reward and increase them!

In Enfield, at MCEC Palmers Green Mosque, the team of Green Stars hosted their fortnightly youth event for girls aged 9-13. The girls engaged in fun activities, bringing out their creative artistic talents. The boys also were hosted for their fortnightly event, where they duelled it off at an epic tug of war battle.


Our aim in 2022 is to establish 22 hubs that engage 1,000+ young people in their local area every single week!

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