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Here For Youth

Islamic Network is a registered charity in the UK (1101603) whose aim is to help young Muslims to; (1) build a positive Islamic identity, (2) cultivate positive character traits within themselves and (3) give them access to positive role models/mentors. 

  • Positive Islamic Identity

  • Positive Character Traits

  • Positive Role Models

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Establishing Community Hubs

Our vision at Islamic Network is to enable our community partners to establish local hubs where young people can develop their identity and capabilities to become role models for each other and the wider society.

We do this by partnering with local community organisations to implement our youth engagement framework. This includes both weekly engagement sessions for young men and women and larger, collaborative activities every three months with our network of partner organisations. 


These quarterly events break down barriers by bringing young people from different communities together.

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Tackling Root Cause Issues

Based on over a decade of grassroots youth engagement, we’ve identified three root cause issues – and their solutions!

Who they are and what they are doing with their lives.

They lack mentors, aspirational peers and are cut off from their historical role models.

21st Century life has dampened positive character traits like empathy, courage and resilience.

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Muslims In The UK Under The Age Of 25!

What We're All About

Delivering regular grassroots activities that engage and nurtures the young people in the local community – online and in-person.
Bringing Mosques together for large communal events and activities that breakdown barriers and unite communities.
Empowering Imams & Youth Leaders be more effective in dealing with the growing needs of young people.
here for youth

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to research and deliver effective online and offline youth engagement strategies, that can be implemented by Mosques and other community organisations. 


This builds a generation of active young people, confident in their identity, who have excellent characters. 


Young fit people, both mentally and physically by having access to tools. These tools help understand and practice Islam in their everyday life.