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December was another great time for Youth Hubs to embrace the cold and keep the weekly sessions running with a warm welcome, especially for the Sisters.

Our partner Hubbs engaged with 114 young women and men through 22 sessions across the UK, resulting in 428 unique youth engagements this month! 

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic work done by volunteer hosts at each of the hubs, as well as your continued thoughts, prayers and donations to keep us running! 

Youth Hubb Spotlight

In the London Borough of Brent, at Harlesden Ummah, the Hub had their annual adhan competition, where there were prizes of £200, £150 and £100 up for grabs.

It was a great community event where attendees enjoyed listening to the voices of the young Men making the call to prayer.

The competitors all did their best, so the team gave all those who auditioned £20 prize for their efforts.

In London Borough of Waltham Forest, our youth hub partner in Lea Bridge, LBECA had to move their sessions online due to two central volunteers having faced some personal challenges and the worry of the new covid variant being present.

We ask Allah to make it easy for them and reward them for their excellent work in keeping the sessions going online.

The youth enjoyed the online sessions, where they went head to head on Rocket League and other competitive games while sharing their fun on discord stream.

In Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, our partners Young MK have provided so much fun and engagement for the Sisters that they decided it was finally time to open up their group named Young MK Sisters.

They hosted a chilled indoor cinema event packed with popcorn, pizza and loads of snacks.

They even booked a trip to the Light Upon Light Event in the Excel Arena, where they prayed Jummuah, led by Mufti Menk and learnt so many life values from all panellists.

The event left a great impression on the Sisters, with the two key lessons being:

  • What social media says about your values and beliefs and whether that will make it better for your afterlife.
  • How to spend free time remembering Allah

The brothers had their weekly Game Spot events, and on the night before Christmas, they got to learn about the true story of Prophet Jesus, helping them understand what the Islamic teaching says about his life.

It, of course, included delicious pizza, a fun quiz, some dodgeball to burn it off and then a competitive FIFA21 session.

Our aim in 2022 is to establish 22 hubs that engage 1,000+ young people in their local area every single week!

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