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With the October Half-Term, the hubs in our network pulled out all the stops to create new ways of engaging the young women and men in their areas!

We engaged 100 young women and men through 18 sessions at youth hubs we support across the UK, resulting in 290 unique youth engagements this month! 

This wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic work done by volunteer hosts at each of the hubs, as well as you for your continued duas and donations to keep Islamic Network running! 

Youth Hubb Spotlight

Some exciting stuff from Green Stars! Over the half term, the Youth Hubb in the London Borough of Enfield, at MCEC Palmers Green Mosque, hosted a Young Speakers Workshop with Kosser Abdul Aziz (@kosserabdulaziz). 

Over the three-day workshop, local boys and girls learnt about public speaking skills, speech writing and confidence building when speaking to an audience. 

The young people attending said that the workshop’s highlight was when sister Kosser allowed them to write their speech and deliver it from the mosque’s mimbar! 

A brilliant and empowering experience for the young attendees!

In the London Borough of Waltham Forestour youth hub partner in Lea Bridge, LBECA, has agreed on a fantastic arrangement with Saffron Kitchen in Leyton to provide their delicious food once a month for the young people attend their hub. It’s incredible to see local businesses partnering up and assisting the efforts of the community to provide a safe space for young people.

In the London Borough of Brent, at Harlesden Ummah, Since attending our youth event, three regular attendees, Abdulmajeed, Hassan and Yusuf, have made many contributions to other activities within the mosque.

They come early and stay late to set up and pack down our youth engagement sessions. They help with fundraising and collecting donations for the mosque during Friday Congregation and Eid in the park events.

They have also developed a close relationship with older experienced members of the community, including the Imam. They often share their experiences in life, including their challenges, which they are advised on, and achievements celebrated.

In Buckinghamshire, our partners Young MK based in Milton Keynes, had a hugely memorable month of engagement for young women and men, including a field trip to Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham. They attended the ‘Clouded Minds’ conference on ‘clearing the path back to faith’. Both the young women and men benefitted immensely from not just hearing from the speakers but spending time together, travelling together and building their bonds of sister- and brotherhood. See the other amazing things they got up to on their Instagram, including a Girls Ice Skating Trip, a Special Halloween Program, a Youth Night and Football tournament! What a month, Mashaa’Allah!

In Other News:

We are delighted to announce that we are part of the Impact Incubator from the National Youth Agency, a 6-month programme that aims to build a person of colour lead organisations within the youth sector.

We look forward to working with youth sector leaders to build on our organisation’s success.

We are also the Charity Partner for the new upcoming film “2Sides” by Criterion Studios. The movie focuses on a young Muslim who struggles to fit into his circle of friends. In his pursuit for acceptance, he finds himself stuck in a cycle of gang violence and drug affiliation. As he tries to escape this harsh reality, his relations with family and religion become affected to the point of no return. 

Watch the trailer now:

Finally, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Altaf Hussain as our National Fundraising Manager here at Islamic Network.

He has over ten years of experience in the humanitarian sector and extensive expertise in building successful staff and volunteer teams and raising funds that support and deliver community-focused services. 

He has a track record in exceeding targets through networking, partnership development and media campaigns to drive brand awareness and community engagement whilst overseeing strategic, operational and financial functions in line with organisational objectives. 

We look forward to working with Altaf to build our community profile further and strengthen our relationships with key partners, increasing our work’s impact and effectiveness in the UK. 

If you want to know more about our work and partnerships, you can contact him directly at partnerships@islamicnetwork.net

Our aim by Ramadan 2022 is to establish 22 hubs that engage 800+ young people in their local area every single week!

Help Us Engage Our Youth!

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