110 Lives Changed In July!

July 2021 was another milestone month where we engaged 110 young people per week at 4 of the youth hubs that we’ve established so far! 

These hubs were in Leyton, Palmers Green, Harlesden and Milton Keynes! These hubs engaged the young people in their local area in unique ways this month, some choosing to organise excursions, others staying closer to home.

In addition, we trained 70+ leaders from the UK Civil Service Muslim Network (CSMN) on engaging with young men and women. One attendee commented that by combining her faith, experience, and background, she could shape the community and be part of a change that will empower the younger generation to develop personally and professionally.

We also delivered nine development sessions to our network of existing and upcoming youth hubs on various topics, from youth engagement to organisational development.

Our aim by Ramadan 2022 is to establish 20 hubs that engage 800+ young people in their local area every single week!

Help Us Engage Our Youth!

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