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Back to School!

September saw Islamic Network engage 96 young women and men through 19 sessions at youth hubs we support across the UK. 

Young MK, our Hub in Milton Keynes, have now launched their weekly girls’ hub in addition to their successful boys one. Green Stars, our hub in North London based at MCEC Palmers Green Mosque, have successfully continued their sessions that alternate between girls and boys every week. During the month, the hub used its weekly youth engagement sessions to openly discuss local issues that young women and men go through.

With the addition of these new sessions, we were able to have 301 unique youth engagements this month and nine development sessions to help our existing and upcoming hubs improve their services.

As part of our broader work in the sector, we entered into productive talks with a liaison from the Mayor Of London‘s office about our youth engagement strategy this month. 

The Manchester Metropolitan University also featured our ‘Taking Mosques Digital’ covid response work as part of their year-long research into how the pandemic has shaped the ritual lives of religious communities across the UK. The study explored how they have adapted their work in response to these challenges. You can access the research publication here.

Our aim by Ramadan 2022 is to establish 20 hubs that engage 800+ young people in their local area every single week!

Help Us Engage Our Youth!

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